A new season for fashion is coming on the next week with the 90th edition of Pitti Uomo, the theme “Pitti Lucky Numbers“, will be the guide of the fours days dedicated to menswear and to the mens lifestyle.

Alpha Studio, the florentine knitwear brand, will be one of the protagonist of the fashion fair that it will take place in Florence from 14th to 17th June in the exclusive location named “Fortezza Da Basso”.

With the theme of  “Pitti Lucky Numbers” Pitti Uomo is betting on numbers: their aesthetic, graphic and symbolic qualities in fashion and beyond.
We will be not looking at numbers as indices of quantity but at the beauty of their lines and whether we realize it or not, numbers are always in and around our lives.

Alpha Studio lucky number is 3, which one is your?

During Pitti Lucky Numbers, the brand will show the new Spring Summer 2017 Man Collection that is the expression of a deep renewal that aims to highlight the brand’s capability of bringing, season after season, the concept of innovation inside its own garments by placing precious details or by finest materials in order to create an exciting product that embraces a story made of small details, an item capable to evoke strong emotion moment by moment.

In the knitting collection range as well as in the jersey there are many novelties: the presence of the micro jacquard patterns reminiscent of a “retro” style of past years, the piquet knitting experiences an evolution becoming a material with a heavier image to be used as outerwear, the striped design, a typical “mariniere” trend for the summer, is imprinted on the “rice stitch” knitting and creates a three-dimensional color alternating, and the piquet achieves the jeans look by the “chambray” dyeing of any smaller detail of shirts and garments to remind the jeans canvas of the beginning of the century.

Come to Florence to discover all the latest news about the Collection!

Alpha Studio @ Pitti Lucky Numbers
Central Pavillon – Ground Floor
Stand K17/L9

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