A new season and a new appointment for Alpha Studio knitwear brand at Panorama international fashion fair: both men’s and women’s Collections will be showed¬†from 28th to 30th June.

Nova Concept, the location of this new appointment with Panorama, is a new platform for trendsetting fashion and curated lifestyle products as well Alpha Studio Collections.

In this exciting and creative context Alpha Studio presents the new Collections that, as the building that welcomes them was built around 1920, also the Collections have solid roots in the tradition.

Taking inspiration from the light, clean and minimal taste which is the starting point and at the same time the goal of the brand, the Collections draw among the several eclectic market trends and create each time a product renewed in forms and volumes.

From time to time the garments are interpreted and enriched with new details that have the peculiarity of giving them an added value by raising their preciousness.

In both Collections, the presence of the micro jacquard patterns reminiscent of a “retro” style of past years, “mix and match” items in which the knitting soul meets its natural combination with fabrics and different materials creates a perfect union for the realization of one unique modern look garment and the woman’s femininity is enhanced by lurex micro particles, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, imprinted as light spots on small garments also embellished with details that make them bright and precious items.

The color palette spreads among the natural tones of light and soft beige, pastel blue degrading to the shades of “blush” and reaching the “silver” grey and its shiny light effect of the lurex until the bright red and the blue shades of denim world as strong call from the Collection and also a “Safari mood” is reminded by the wood tones such as military green, brown and earth color.

Alpha Studio @ Panorama Berlin
Nova Concept

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